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Identity Verification Tools

For those who are seeking methods to authenticate identities of the individuals transacting in their locations, FraudFighter offers Identity Verification products divided into two general categories.

UltraViolet Identity Verification

Click Here to go to the Ultraviolet Counterfeit Detector Product Page
  • Easy to Use
  • Low Cost
  • No Complex Software Installations
  • Easy to Implement
  • Fast & Effective
  • Excellent Deterrent

Image Capture & Authentication

Click Here to go to the ID Document Image Capture and Authentication Product Page
  • Highly Accurate
  • Forensic-Level Testing of Documents
  • Global Database: Passports, Drivers Licenses and More
  • Captures Digitally Stored Data and Images
    of Document
  • Integrate Identification Data into Business Applications

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"Modern Identity Theft
& the Technology to Stop It"

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Not Sure How to Choose an Identity Verification Product?

Ask yourself these questions and then reach out to us to discuss the best solution for your needs:

  1. What types of transactions do you conduct in your location?

    1. Cashing of Checks
    2. Acceptance of Credit Cards
    3. Buy Online/Pickup In-Store
    4. Product Returns
  2. How many transaction locations do you have?

  3. Do you sell restricted or controlled products?

  4. Do you send wire transfers, offer credit, accept bill payments, sell money orders or conduct other "banking services" with your customers?

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