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The FraudFighter Money Counter & Cash Handling product line is divided into three general categories:
count-by-weight scales, hi-speed counters, and smart cash drop-boxes.

count-by-weight scales

Our count-by-weight scales are specifically designed to make cash register counting as efficient and accurate as possible.

Depending on how many cash registers and shift changes there are, you could be losing hours of manpower spent counting cash drawers that would be better used elsewhere. Our scales can count registers six-times faster than by hand, are able to count bills and coins - whether loose or in rolls - and have a battery that allows scales to be used even when power outlets are scarce.

Hi-Speed Counters

FraudFighter Hi-Speed Money Counters are designed to quickly and accurately count high volumes of USD notes, regardless of denomination. Additionally, our hi-speed counters are capable of detecting and alerting the user when counterfeit notes are detected.

The FF-3000 is capable of counting up to 1000 bills per minute, can be set to count running totals or count in batch amounts, and is designed to withstand the most rugged of environments.


FraudFighter Smart Cash Drop-Boxes are designed to provide the most secure method of storing cash at the point-of-sale. Our smart cash drop-boxes are also capable of detecting counterfeit notes.

"Intelligent" drop-boxes are an incredibly effective method for saving time.  Not only do employees not have to tediously count a large amount of money at the end of each shift, but the electronic record of the cash deposited means real-time audits of cash can be completed, even by someone who is working remotely in the home office. 

The Countercache Intelligent removes the opportunity for inside theft and/or robbery because every bill is tracked and their storage is secure. The cash deposited into a smart cash drop-box is unable to be accessed after-the-fact by employees, and the bills are held inside a tamper-evident pouch that can only be removed by a person with the proper access. 

not sure which fraud prevention solution is the best fit for you?

Our Counterfeit Detector Buyer's Guide is designed to help you determine the most effective fraud prevention solution for your particular needs.