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CountEasy™ Touch Screen (TS)

The CountEasy™ Touchscreen (TS) is an automatic money scale used to:
  • Count loose and strapped bills by weight
  • Count loose and rolled coins by weight
  • Weigh mail and packages

Key Features and Advantages:
  • An intuitive touchscreen
  • Higher accuracy and speed over hand-counting: count all cash in register in less than a minute
  • Can segregate and store data from over 200 cash registers, if needed
  • An export function that sends data to a spreadsheet, notepad, or thermal printer (optional; either peripheral or integrated)
  • Free flexicup included for weighing coins


  • Battery/Power Adaptor Input Current

    0.8A Max

  • Battery/Power Adaptor Input Voltage Range

    100 VAC (-10%) to 240 VAC (+10%)

  • Power Adaptor Output Current

    1.5A Max

  • Power Adaptor Output Voltage

    9V DC

  • Battery Specs

    • Type: NiMh AA Pack with integrated temperature sensing (battery is user-replaceable via screw-fixed cover)
    • Specs: 3.6C, 1800mAH
    • Life: ~12hrs with default settings and typical daily usage
    • Charge Time: ~3 hours

  • Dimensions

    • Width: 5.9" (150mm)
    • Height: 5.7" (145mm)
    • Depth: 9.6" (244mm)

  • Weight (excluding power adaptor)

    2 lbs (0.91kg)

  • Power Adaptor Connector Dimensions

    2.5mm center +ve, jack socket

  • Scale Load Capacity

    2.2 lbs (1kg)



• What is the CountEasy™ TS used to weigh?

• Loose & Strapped Bills
• Loose & Rolled Coins
• Mail & Packages

• Why should I use the CountEasy™ TS?

With its ground breaking touch screen technology, the new CountEasy™ TS delivers greater cash handling efficiencies than any other count by weight scale in the world. And yet it is so simple to operate that your staff will need virtually no training to use it. Like your mobile phone or tablet, the high resolution full color TFT screen only displays those functions that you need when you need them. Use of universally recognizable icons and intuitive design mean that complex functions can now be performed easily by operators.

Six times faster than counting by hand, the CountEasy™ TS is ideal for speeding up spot checks, skims, banking, shift changes and end of day reconciliation. The new CountEasy™ TS allows a multi-cultural workforce with minimal training to accurately count and record the contents of multiple registers, if appropriate in multiple currencies. It is also fully configurable to streamline any cash handling process.

• Are there any additional features on the CountEasy™ TS?

• Able to count all cash in a register in less than a minute
• Count bills and coins 6 times faster than by hand
• Automatic count sequence: Place each denomination stack in any order
• Live running total for starting banks
• Portable
• Non-volatile memory (no data loss in the event of an unexpected power failure)
• Easy-to-use from the box
• 'Ounces' mode setting for weighing mail
• Free flexicup for counting coins
• 5-year box swap warranty

Warranty Info

The CountEasy™ TS has a 3 year advanced box swap warranty from the date of purchase.

Please note: The charger and batteries have a 1 year warranty.

We provide free, unlimited helpdesk support for the entire period of the warranty. If we cannot satisfactorily resolve your problem quickly from our remote help desk, then we will provide a “Box Swap”. Box Swap is a replacement service. Our courier delivers a replacement product from Volumatic support stock to you and picks up the faulty one free of charge – no packing, no posting and no hassle. Our warranties do not cover accidental or willful damage to products.


counteasyTS coin till cups

Cash Register Till Cups

  •   There are several different till cup size options so you can be sure the till cups will fit inside your register
counteasy thermal peripheral or integrated printer

Thermal (Peripheral) Printer

  •   Can be purchased as an aftermarket product
  •   Requires cables and power supply