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    Part #: UVF-461
    Replacement bulb for the UV-4 and the HH-4. This bulb can also be used as a replacement for POS-15 models produced before 2005 as well as the discountinued UV-8 model.


    Part #: T5UV16-POS15
    Replacement bulb for the UV-16 and the POS-15. This bulb is the only authorized replacement bulb for the UV-16 and the POS-15. Do not use any bulbs with any other part #.

Purchase Bulbs


  • The 8-watt bulb (part #: T5UV16-POS15) is a High-efficiency 30,000Hz bulb. They produce up to 30% more UV intensity than standard UV fluorescent bulbs that operate at lower frequencies.
  • Please note: The previous 8-watt bulb (part #: UVF-861) has been discontinued. Using a bulb with part #UVF-861 as a replacement bulb for the UV-16 or the POS-15 will invalidate their warranties.
how to replace fraudfighter uv bulb


• Can I use another 4-watt bulb that I purchased elsewhere as a replacement for the UV-4 or the HH-4?

The 4-watt bulbs used by some FraudFighter products are manufactured at our facility with the highest quality standards. As with all replacement parts, it is important to select a part with the same high quality as the original. For this reason, we recommend that you buy your replacement 4-watt tubes from FraudFighter.

In some FraudFighter fixtures, you will see the part number F4T5 printed on the bulb. This is a standardized part number which is fully interchangeable with the UVF-461 number we produce in our factory.

• Can I use another 8-watt bulb that I purchased elsewhere as a replacement for the UV-16 or the POS-15?

Replacement bulbs for the UV-16 and the POS-15 must have part number T5UV16-POS15. The use of any bulb part number other than T5UV16-POS15, including the UVF861 bulbs sourced from unauthorized dealers, would invalidate the warranty on your UV-16 or POS-15 and could be hazardous.

• Why will using a replacement bulb that does not have the part number T5UV16-POS15 invalidate my warranty on the UV-16 and the POS-15?

There has been an issue with the trademark of part number UVF861 (the original part number for T5UV16-POS15).

In 2003, UVeritech, Inc., the parent company of FraudFighter Products, began to manufacture and sell the UVF861 bulbs to our clients. These bulbs were produced by us for use in our UV16 and POS15 ultraviolet counterfeit detection machines. To our surprise, in 2012, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued a trademark registration for the mark, UVF861, to a Chinese company. This was more than 9 years after FraudFighter had begun using the UVF861 mark in public commerce. FraudFighter challenged this registration, and filed a lawsuit with the USPTO to cancel this trademark registration.

On June 29, 2015, the USPTO rendered its decision in favor of FraudFighter. The trademark under the other party’s name is cancelled, and,

“Based on the record, we conclude that, as between Petitioner’s and Respondent’s competing claims to own the mark UVF861 for light bulbs that is the subject of the registration, Petitioner (sic: FraudFighter) is the owner. (Trademark Trial and Appeal Board; UVeritech, Inc. v. Amax Lighting, Inc., Cancellation No. 92057088)

During the nearly 3-year period in which the USPTO matter was underway, because we did not know how the case would ultimately be decided, FraudFighter chose to use a new part number for the UVF861 bulb. This new part number is T5UV16-POS15

Now that the case is decided, FraudFighter is free to use the UVF861 mark, but is concerned about confusion in the marketplace over which part to use. Since 2012, the FraudFighter UV16 and POS15 light fixtures have borne markings indicating that the proper replacement light bulb is the T5UV16-POS15. For this reason, FraudFighter will continue to use the new part number, T5UV16-POS15 as the replacement bulb to be used by the FraudFighter UV16 and POS15 UV detectors, and will not be using the UVF861 mark on any of its replacement light bulbs.

Warranty Info

As mentioned above, using any other bulb other than a FraudFighter T5UV16-POS15 bulb as a replacement bulb for the UV-16 or the POS-15 will invalidate the warranty on that UV-16 and POS-15. It is VITALLY IMPORTANT that you not use a different replacement bulb part number. The T5UV16-POS15 is compatible will all Fraud Fighter models UV-16 and POS15 products.