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The FraudFighter Counterfeit Currency Detection product line is divided into two general categories:
automatic and manual.

automatic counterfeit detection

An automatic FraudFighter counterfeit detector will mechanically pull the banknote through the machine and display the results on a screen. These devices do not require any knowledge or decision making by the end-user and are designed to authenticate currency notes ONLY.

manual counterfeit detection

FraudFighter manual counterfeit detectors utilize controlled wavelength ultra-violet (UV) light to allow the end-user to view whether or not an invisible UV-fluorescent security feature is present. They do require some knowledge in order to be used, but are capable of verifying a wide range of documents, including currency and driver licenses.


Our manual counterfeit detection accessories will help you and your employees verify currency and driver licenses more quickly and easily.

The Britestik will make the UV security features that are present on currency glow brighter, allowing those features to be seen more clearly and vividly.

The Driver License UV Security Feature Guide contains full-color images of state-issued driver licenses and their UV features as well as text descriptions of those features.

not sure which fraud prevention solution is the best fit for you?

Our Counterfeit Detector Buyer's Guide is designed to help you determine the most effective fraud prevention solution for your particular needs.