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Back in 2000, when we first started, not one major national company in the U.S. was using POS–based counterfeit fraud prevention equipment. Now, our list of national customers is a Who’s Who of major banks, retailers, restaurants, casinos, hotels, and other businesses.

Pioneers in Fraud Prevention

As pioneers in fraud prevention, FraudFighter™ was the first company to address the point–of–transaction document fraud industry by designing and manufacturing breakthrough products that proved to be effective in filtering real–world fraudulent transaction activity before it can occur. This is achieved by efficiently testing every document that is presented: verifying identification, validating credit cards, checking for counterfeit cash, and authenticating traveler checks, coupons, gift cards, and more.

After two decades of experience, talking with and listening to business owners, loss prevention managers and senior operations directors at organizations of all types and size, FraudFighter™ has acquired great knowledge about how to deter fraud losses. This knowledge and experience is available to our existing and potential clients at anytime, with a simple, no charge consultation to discuss how you conduct your operations, where your current exposure to fraud is, and how fraudsters may evolve their attacks against your revenues in the future.

The world today is fraught with risk. Most prevalent to the many hundreds of people we talk to every month is the rising threat of identity fraud. How can an organization – forced by competitive pressure to conduct transactions remotely with clients they may never have met – know that the person on the other end of the transaction is who they say they are?

With fraudulent attacks on the rise and mounting regulatory pressures pushing organizations to be sure they “know their customers”, institutions of all sizes continue to rely on Fraud Fighter’s multi–layered solutions, services and world–class technologies that work in concert to help them excel in the detection and prevention of fraud:

  • Control risk end–to–end with prevention, detection, and compliance
  • Prevent Negotiable Instrument Fraud from existing and future payment types
  • Fight Identity ID related fraud while complying with federal regulations regarding ID verification and maintenance of customer identity records
  • Optimize compliance to reduce regulatory pressures and falling revenues
  • Maximize Return on Investment from leading cost–of–ownership model that delivers a measurable reduction in annual losses from fraud
  • Improve operational efficiency through enhanced detection capabilities and streamlined workflow

We take great pride in ensuring that risk management controls and objectives are met with minimum disruption (non–intrusive implementation of solutions while providing optimal respect to customers in each transactional environment).

With FraudFighter™, we make it easier for you to DETER crime, DETECT fraud, and COMPLY with regulatory requirements.


Our team of fraud prevention specialists is here to guide and provide support for all your fraud prevention needs!