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  • Counterfeit Money
  • Counterfeit Payment Cards (i.e., credit cards)
  • Fake/Stolen Identities (i.e., fake driver licenses)

Businesses are on-track to lose more than $60 billion to fraud this year.

And about 75% of businesses have been hit by fraud already.

All restaurants, whether fine dining, casual or quick service locations, face issues of restaurant fraud when conducting daily business. Many of these establishments invite fraudulent activity with darkened environments or unusual lighting conditions which make visual inspection of payment methods and identity sources difficult to verify. Quick service restaurants lend themselves to payment–related fraud due to fast–paced check out counters, a transient customer base, a large quantity of low–dollar transactions and low levels of experienced cashiers.

Because of the high costs of fraud, the restaurant industry is obligated to implement restaurant fraud prevention controls designed to help reduce the risk of fraud. Regardless of service type, restaurants rely on ID’s, cash and credit cards; additionally, due to increasing legal requirements, the industry must also find cost effective and non–intrusive methods of ensuring customer identity. It is vital now more than ever to verify not only the age of patrons, but also the authenticity of ID’s, cash, credit cards and checks in order to prevent restaurant fraud from occurring in the first place.

Don't let conniving fraudsters rob your restaurant of your hard-earned money by paying with counterfeit money or stolen credit cards!

Our multi–layered approach to restaurant fraud prevention utilizes counterfeit detectors, which do wonders at minimizing risk and increasing the bottom line, sustaining competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Counterfeit detectors check payments and identity documents for their invisible security features using patented simple, but effective technology. With counterfeit detectors, you can make sure that all forms of payment and identity documents are authentic and fraud-free, empowering your employees to verify authenticity of currency, driver licenses, credit cards, and more.

Help your staff to never again be fooled by counterfeit cash, credit cards, and driver licenses. Counterfeit detectors can essentially pay for themselves with just one prevented fraudulent transaction.

Added Value: HR Protocols and compliance

Fraud Fighter™ has proven solutions that can address the issues that the restaurant industry is facing with fraud while helping to optimize compliance with legal regulations. Following a risk assessment that helps management understand the risks that are unique to their business, Fraud Fighter™ recommends a multi–layered, prudent set of practices that when implemented; enable a restaurant establishment to reduce risk with no adverse impact to the customer experience.

In addition to restaurant fraud prevention and financial transaction compliance issues, Fraud Fighter™ product solutions provide Human Resource departments with proven tools that contribute to reliable applicant screenings during the new hire process. For medium and enterprise operations that have high–level employee “churn” and are constantly involved in hiring new employees, Fraud Fighter™ empowers firms with rapid document authentication & identity validation solutions at optional levels of cost and accuracy.

Fraud Fighter’s™ advanced screening capabilities are critical in a broad applicant base hiring process, particularly as it relates to adhering to Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) employment eligibility verification requirements.

We've been helping restaurants with their fraud prevention problems since 2000. We know just how important it is to keep all the profits you've earned, no matter how small. Just as much as you don't wan fraud to affect your business, we don't either. We're here to help!