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The world is experiencing never-before-seen levels of identity related crime.  Experts agree that, based on currently observed activity levels by organized crime groups, hackers and identity thieves, the problem is likely to become much worse over the coming years.

Since just 2017, hundreds of millions of data points PPI (personally identifying information)  have been successfully stolen, mainly through black-hat data breaches. Much of this information has ended up in the hands of criminals, who have been having a heyday fraudulently using the information to scam billions of dollars out of the hands of businesses of all sizes.

A 2018 study estimated that $16.8 billion was lost to identity fraud in 2017.

In the 2019 Capital One data breach, upwards of 100 million individuals had their PPI compromised. Experts have said that increased losses to identity fraud have already been see as a result of this large scale theft.

How can businesses protect themselves from the onslaught of identity fraud? By making sure that all customers' identity documents are 100% genuine. While the criminals may have figured out a way to get their hands on real customers' information, they haven't figured out a way to exactly replicate genuine identity documents. By making sure that customers present with genuine identity documents, you can make sure that customers are who they say they are.

automatic identity document authentication

Our automatic identity authentication products are all powered by PALIDIN.

While PALIDIN is integrated with numerous ID document scanners from several different vendors we have two recommended hardware products, depending whether or not you need too scan passports : the ID-150, for driver license sized documents,  and the AT10000,which can handle both driver license and passport sized documents. To learn more about each of these products, click on their images to the right. To see a brief overview comparing the products, click here.

PALIDIN is robust, customizable software that runs on Windows Operating Systems that has its own dedicated in-house team that provides any and all technical support needs.

Click the logo above learn more about PALIDIN.
Desko Penta


manual identity document authentication

Our manual identity authentication products are most effective when used in conjunction with our Driver License UV Security Feature Guide.

In order to best address your particular fraud prevention needs, we have five different manual identity authentication products available: the UV-16, the UV-4, the POS-15, the HH-4, and the UV Penlight. To learn more about each of these products, click on their images to the right. To see a brief overview comparing the products, click here.

Our Driver License UV Security Feature Guide is updated annually and contains color images of state driver licenses as well as text descriptions.

Click the image of the cover of our Driver License UV Security Feature Guide to learn more about this guide.

Protect your business from fraud

Our team of fraud prevention specialists is here to guide and provide support for all your fraud prevention needs!