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Identity fraud is at an all-time high and growing.  Knowing how to determine whether or not a person is, in fact, who they say they are is a very real business challenge.

Authenticating identity documents, such as driver licenses, is an effective method to solve this issue.

We have have nearly two decades of experience helping organizations protect their assets from fraud losses. As customer identity becomes more and more problematic, we are keeping our focus on offering an evolving line of robust identity authentication products that are effective and efficient.

Giving you the power to authenticate identities without disrupting your business is our goal.

fraudfighter driver license uv security feature guide
Driver License UV Feature Reference Guide
palidin identity verification id document authentication
Palidin - Identity Verification & Document Authentication

Our Driver License UV Security Feature Reference Guide is the most comprehensive guide you can find for driver license UV security features. This guide contains full color images of driver licenses, their UV features, as well as any past driver licenses that are still valid. Text descriptions of the UV features are provided as well. The guide is updated yearly, with optional access to an online guide that is updated several times per year, as driver license updates are released.
Note: In order to see UV security features on driver licenses, you need a UV light source, such as our UV-16, capable of illuminating those features.

PALIDIN is our identity document authentication software that allows businesses to remove the step of manually reviewing identity documents from transactions that need customers' identities to be verified. Once an identity document is scanned, PALIDIN returns either a "pass" or "fail" result, and provides optional reports on the results.
Note: In order to use Palidin, you need an identity document scanner, such as our ID-150, that is capable of scanning identity documents as well as a computing device that runs the Windows operating system.

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