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Implement your Counterfeit Prevention Solution and Train your Employees

No matter how well you have achieved the first two steps by, first, identifying your vulnerabilities, and second, working with FraudFighter to design a multi-layered solution for your locations, in the end, implementation will probably be the primary driver determining whether transaction fraud is successfully prevented in your stores.
A simple way to think about it is this – the more familiar and capable your employees feel about their ability to properly use their FraudFighters, the more likely they are to use them. 
Fortunately, most of FraudFighter’s products are extremely simple to use.  A person can be taught how to use the UV Products within minutes.  FraudFighter supplies standard training materials with every product, and is able to provide a wider range of learning aids when the need becomes less mainstream and more customized. 
Of course, training of employees must begin with the consideration of what the intended goals are for the product roll-out. And this is where consulting with FraudFighter can return great dividends.  Say your stores commonly see Mexican Peso notes in border locations.  If you communicate this to us, FraudFighter can design a custom training document featuring details of how to authenticate the Mexican notes.
Or, imagine, as one of our customers did, that you have over 3,000 locations and you want your people to authenticate driver license documents using our UV Pro Penlight.  FraudFighter built a custom website with detailed images of what to look for that is hosted by our customer so that each of the POS locations can easily look-up each state’s driver license and find the correct reference to compare against.
In other cases, we have worked with customers to create “what to do” instructions that were placed inside the shipping boxes so that when the store receives the goods, they know who has instructed the goods to be sent, why they are receiving the goods, and whom they should call if they have questions or concerns.
Finally, when it comes to customer support, we at FraudFighter feel we deserve to take a bow.  We will always answer the phone during business hours.  If you need to speak with us, we are here to answer your questions and address any problems or concerns you may have. And – we’ve heard them all!
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