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Counterfeit Money Prevention Solutions

Reduce losses from counterfeit bills

Counterfeit Money Detector

Our counterfeit money detectors are designed to help make businesses just like yours more profitable and efficient, by authenticating currency before you deposit the cash in the bank. Our counterfeit money detectors are so easy to use that there is virtually no training and very little setup required.

There are two types of counterfeit bill detectors: automatic and manual.

Automatic Counterfeit Detectors:   Manual Counterfeit Detectors:
• Checks the authenticity of cash for you   • Allow you to decide yourself if a bill is real or not
• Can authenticate many of the world's currencies, such as Canadian currency or the Euro   • Can authenticate other documents, such as driver licenses and credit cards
• Are able to run on lithium batteries for locations without A/C power   • Uses 2 of our patented UV bulbs for the clearest view of security features

For your peace of mind, our counterfeit detectors are backed by warranties and a pain-free return policy. And as always, our friendly & knowledgeable team will provide you with any training, troubleshooting help, or cash handling advice - free of charge.

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