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  • Counterfeit Money
  • Counterfeit Payment Cards (i.e., credit cards)
  • Fake/Stolen Identities (i.e., fake driver licenses)
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The FraudFighter UV-16 is currently in-use at airports in the United States,  enabling Travel Safety Administration agents to verify ID documents as passengers are admitted into secure boarding areas. 

The U.S. federal government operates or oversees a vast array of public–facing points of transaction. These transactions cover a variety of different matters, each with its own level of exposure to fraud, and each with its own consequences should fraud be allowed to occur. With operations as diverse as Homeland Security, Social Security, Postal Services, Military Bases, Criminal Courts and Prisons, and Diplomatic Offices worldwide – it is clear that the federal government must find a way to integrate federal fraud prevention efforts across its institutions to help avoid duplicative efforts and resource fragmentation associated with one–off or silo approach.

On a daily basis, the U.S. government is involved in:

  • Simple purchase transactions (e.g. Post Office)
  • Secure Access Control (Military Base, Embassy, White House, Federal Buildings)
  • Issuance of ID Documents (Passports and Social Security cards)
  • Verification of U.S. and Foreign Identification Documents (e.g. Customs and Border Control, Bureau of Immigration and Citizenship Services)
  • Acceptance of payment (Federal Court and Prison Operations, IRS, BLM)
  • Law Enforcement Investigations

U.S. Government Vulnerabilities

The Federal government faces payment fraud including counterfeit money, fake credit cards and phony checks. It is also held to a higher standard as it relates to ID verification when non–purchase related transactions are occurring, such as allowing an individual to obtain a Social Security card, or verifying ID’s at secured locations.

FraudFighter™ is a vendor to the U.S. government authorized to provide a variety of US government agencies with our line of Ultraviolet verification tools. The FraudFighter™ UV equipment is ideal for those circumstances where the multitude of transaction locations and the relatively low–level of security required make UV a perfect fit. For those situations where a higher–standard of ID verification must be met, the ICV line of products provides an ideal solution layer, not only due to its ability to authenticate identity with a high level of accuracy, but also because of its ability to enable a digital copy of the documents being verified to be encrypted and saved for later retrieval should it be necessary.