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  • New Account Fraud
  • Account Takeover Fraud
  • Fraudulent Payments (cash, credit cards, etc.)
id150 palidin fraud prevention system

"Mercedes Benz Financial Services requires us to include the PALIDIN ID document authentication report in the deal jacket.

We verify driver licenses before doing test drives, allowing our sales team to focus only on customers capable of doing a deal. Also, the driver license verification system is part of a program that allowed us to negotiate lower insurance rates."

Operating an auto dealership in the 21st century can be a risky venture. The auto-sales industry is among the largest consumer-credit generating industries in the world. This exposes dealers to a double-jeopardy every time a new loan is created - first is the risk of loss from some form of fraud associated with the applicant, second, is the risk of regulatory non-compliance.  In a time when gang members, organized crime rings and professional identity thieves can order convincing fake IDs off the Internet and data breaches compromise millions of identities and payment cards every year, how can you stop a "customer" from committing identity fraud using a fraudulent ID document and driving off with one of your cars?

You can't presume to know the intentions of all your customers. Not one of your employees, no matter how experienced, are able to recognize and authenticate the more than 1,000 government-issued ID cards used in the United States, alone. To help address this ever-increasing problem, we've created a line of loss prevention solutions that can detect fraudulent driver licenses and other identification documents before a transaction can finish. In other words, we can help you catch potential criminals before they even get the chance to test drive one of your vehicles.


Our ID document authentication tools can help your team detect fraudulent driver licenses, passports and other government-issued credential documents within a matter of seconds. Whether you use a manual ultraviolet detector or an automatic forensic ID document authentication scanner that can archive ID document data, you can be sure that we have a solution that matches loss prevention needs.


In addition to our line of identity authentication equipment, our counterfeit payment detectors can aid your team in detecting counterfeit payments - cash, credit cards, money orders and more - in just seconds. Our full line of counterfeit detection scanners offers you multiple choices to meet your unique business workflow requirements. We have options allowing you to choose between portable or stationary devices in several different formats. Our counterfeit payment detectors will let your team easily catch any attempt to use a fraudulent credit or debit card, enabling you to build a solid loss prevention system.


Need held determining which type of counterfeit detector will most effectively protect your business?



Car Rental Company Case Study

Learn about how a national car rental company implemented a pilot fraud prevention program using FraudFighter products and how they stopped an estimated $300,000 in total losses from occurring in the first 90 days of the program. To download this free case study, click the download button below.