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PALIDIN protects customers against identity theft by providing the power to authenticate ID documents live - in real time - during a transaction. The most direct and easy way to verify a person's identity is to authenticate their government-issued identity credential document to make sure that it is not a forgery. The authentication process is straightfoward.

Using proprietary technology, PALIDIN classifies, reads, and authenticates travel documents more accurately and for a broader population than any other situation. The core document authentication engine is used by Immigration and Border Control agencies in nearly 100 countries so you can be certain it will work for you!


 High Accuracy Identity Verification & Document Authentication in one simple operation
 Performs 50+ forensic document-specific tests to authenticate a document
 Performs multi-factor identity verification and cross-checks (1D & 2D barcode, magnetic stripe, and OCR)
 Contains value-added features: Banned & VIP lists, historical data control, report password protection, etc.
Supports over 3,500 global documents (passports, driver license cards, identification cards, state and military cards, etc.)


Automatic verification and authentication process: insert document in scanner and await the results.
Store historical data for compliance purposes (no document images)
Save transaction report to local or networked folder (includes document images)
Minimal staff training necessary
Fast Deployment
Locally installed (which means there are no security risks related to our application!)
Custom development work options available to connect to internal business applications


The document library used by PALIDIN supports over 3,500 documents - both ICAO1 and Non-ICAO - including driver licenses from Alabama to Zambia and Passports from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. New documents and modifications to existing documents are added frequently.

PALIDIN delivers features that improve the user’s experience and align with the organization’s needs. Value-added features include: historical data control, transaction report password protection, banned/blacklisted/86’d and VIP database, and much more.

Whether you need a system that helps your business verify the identity of a potential customer or you need to ensure that your business is not serving alcohol to minors who try to use a fraudulent document, PALIDIN is the right solution for you.

1 ICAO = International Civil Aviation Organization. ICAO is a specialized agency of the United Nations. It codifies the principles and techniques of international air navigation and fosters the planning and development of international air transport to ensure safe and orderly growth.


With the images and the data captured from the document, PALIDIN is then able to conduct dozens of tests to ensure that:

1) The design and document printing techniques meet the specifications of the issuing jurisdiction
2) The visible and non-visible security features are present, as expected
3) The digital data is formatted properly
4) The data from all different sources (barcode, OCR, RFID chips, etc.) matches and crosschecks properly

Depending on the identity document being examined, as many as three dozen or more tests may be conducted on any given document.

This automation means that your staff no longer needs to learn and memorize the security features from different documents, across multiple states or countries. It is a simple one-step process: insert document in scanner and await the results.

PALIDIN supports multiple scanners from numerous manufacturers. Our two preferred scanners are:

ID1 Type Documents
i-Dentify ID-150
Passport & ID1 Type Documents


Here is a capability comparison table of the two scanners:

Scanner Duplex Reading Illumination Pattern Recognition Optical Character Recognition Magnetic Stripe Reader Barcode Reader Document Type Recognition Global Document Recognition Supports Passports Image Scan Forensic Authentication RFID
White Light Ultraviolet Light Infrared Light
i-Dentify ID-150     600 DPI  
Gemalto AT10K     550 DPI


The purchase of the PALIDIN software includes 1 year of software maintenance (including driver, software, and document library updates) as well as customer support. Annual renewals are available, and may be purchased in advanced. Your purchase grant you access to the authentication software in perpetuity; however, only customers that are within the warranty period or have purchased the software maintenance plan will receive software upgrades and customer support services.


palidin identity authentication app home screen

PALIDIN Home Screen

palidin identity authentication passed results screen
Example of a PASSED Result Screen
palidin identity authentication PASSED Analysis Screen
Example of a PASSED Analysis Screen
palidin identity authentication app failed results screen
Example of a FAILED Result Screen
palidin identity authentication app failed analysis screen
Example of a FAILED Analysis Screen


To view PALIDIN's End User License Agreement, please click here.