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ID Document Authentication System

Installation Instructions

* WARNING: Do NOT connect your scanner device (ID-150, PENTA, AT10K, etc.) to your computer until all programs are installed. Full-Admin privileges required to install the software. *

This guide will walk you through the process of installing the different software components needed to operate the PALIDIN system. One file needs to be downloaded, but our setup tool will install three separate programs:

(1) i-Dentify Document Reader Driver
(2) AssureID Sentinel (includes Document Library)


i-Dentify Document Reader Driver: v3.1.3

AssureID Sentinel: v6.1.3

AssureID Document Library: v23.06.03.560

  • Document Library update list for the current version, click here

PALIDIN: v3.1.1

System Manual: 
To download the System Manual, click here.


Component Recommended
CPU: Intel Only Intel Core i5 (minimum 2 GHz )
Disk Space 128 GB
Operating System Windows 10 Pro 64 bit or 11 Pro 64 bit


*Recommendation: FraudFighter recommends, strongly, to log all users out of the PC before installation. Then login using a full-admin user account to prevent multiple UAC prompts during installation.*




Download the PALIDIN Installer

I. You first want to download the PALIDIN Full Installer. The installer includes all the programs you need to install the system. Download the installer by clicking one of the below buttons:


Stable Release

A version that has been fully tested for 30+ days



Insider Release

               Newest release that includes the latest library and features 


II. If your internet browser asks whether you want to “run” or “save” the file, you can click save so that you have the file in your “Downloads” folder for future use.

III. Once the installer has finished downloading, right - click the program and run as Admin.

IV. You might see a security warning message that reads “The publisher could not be verified. Are you use you want to run this software? Click “Run”

V. The PALIDIN by FraudFighter Wizard window will open, and the "Welcome to the PALIDIN Setup Wizard" window will appear. Now you are ready to start the installation process. Click "Next"

VI. Fully read and accept the FraudFighter License Terms. Scroll down to enable the checkbox. Click "Next"










VII. The "Choose a File Location" window will appear. Click "Next"











VIII. The "Begin Installation of PALIDIN" window will appear. Click "Install"










1. i-Dentify Document Reader Driver Installation

* WARNING: Do NOT connect your scanner device (ID-150, Penta, AT10K, etc.) to your computer until all programs are installed. *

1.1.The installer will automatically detect whether you need the 32-bit or 64-bit driver










1.2. The “Welcome to the i-Dentify Document Reader Driver (xxx) Installation Wizard” window should appear. Click “Next.”












1.3. The Acuant “License Agreement” window will appear, select the “I accept the terms in the license agreement” option then click “Next.”












1.4. The “Destination Folder” window will appear, click “Next.”












1.5. The “Setup Type” window will appear, select “Complete” then click “Next.” If you are installing a Desko PENTA scanner, please see section 1.5.1.












1.5.1. If you are installing a Desko PENTA scanner, you need to select the “Custom” option then click “Next.” The Custom Setup window will open. This window will lists all of the drivers being installed on the computer. The “Desko Document Readers” option will have a red “x” on its option. Click the “x” and select the “This feature will be installed on local hard drive,” then click “Next.” See below images.

1.6. The “Ready to Install the Program” window will appear, click “Install”












1.7. The Thales Smart Card Reader page will ask if you trust the driver. Click "Always Trust Software", then click "Install"






1.8. The status bar window will open and show the installation progress.












1.9. The “Installation Wizard Completed” window will let you know the installation was completed successfully. Click “Finish.”










1.10.  The status bar window will open and show the installation progress










2. AssureID Sentinel Installation

2.1. Click the "Install" button. You'll see the Setup Progress start to install the Sentinel Program










2.2. The “Welcome to the Installation Wizard for AssureID Sentinel” window will appear. Click “Next.”












2.3. The Acuant “License Agreement” window will appear. Select “I accept the terms in the license agreement.”












2.4. The “License Key” window will appear. Enter the 26-character license key that was provided with your purchase then click “Next.”

2.4.1. If you did not receive a license key, please contact our support team at (800) 883-8822 or support@fraudfighter.com.

2.4.2. Disregard the "The license key entered is not a valid AssureID Sentinel product license key. Please ensure the key was entered correctly and is a valid AssureID Sentinel product license key" message if you have not entered your license key yet.












2.5. The “Destination Folder” window will appear. Click “Next.”












2.6. The “Data Folder” window will appear. Click “Next.”












2.7. The “Setup Type” window will appear. Click “Next.”












2.8. The “AssureID Customer Experience Program” window will appear and give you an option to participate in this program. This program was established to improve the quality, reliability, and performance of the AssureID software and Document Library.

2.8.1. If you’d like to participate in the program, select “Yes, I would like to participate anonymously in the AssureID Customer Experience Program (recommended)” then click “Next.”

2.8.2. If you do not want to participate in the program, select “No, I do not want to participate” then click “Next.”












2.9. The “Ready to Install the Program” window will open. Click “Install.”












2.10. The status bar window will open and show the installation progress.












2.11. The “Installation Wizard Completed” window will let you know the installation was completed successfully. Click “Finish.”












2.12.  The PALIDIN Installation Progress window will appear










3. AssureID Document Library

3.1. Click "Next" in the "Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard for AssureID Document Library" window that appears.















3.2 Select "I accept the terms in the license agreement" and click "Next" in the "License Agreement" window.















3.3 Click "Next" in the "Destination Folder" window.















3.4 Click "Install" in the "Ready to Install the Program" window.















3.5 Once the bar on the "Installing AssureID Document Library" window fills, an "InstallShield Wizard Completed" window should appear. Click "Finish".

3.6. The Installing Installation Progress window will appear













3.7. The "PALIDIN has been successfully Installed" window will appear. Click "Close".










4. Activate AssureID License

4.1. After you click "Finish" in the step above, an “AssureID license activation required" bubble should appear in your system tray. Clicking this bubble will open the "AssureID License Activator". If you were not able to click the bubble before it disappears, don’t worry – there are two other ways you can access the "AssureID License Activator":






4.2. Right-click the AssureID “A” icon in the system tray. Click "Activate License".

4.2.1Click Start → All Programs → AssureID → Tools → AssureID License Activation

4.3 In the “AssureID License Activator” window, type the 26-character license key (lower case is fine).

4.3.1. If your computer has internet access, select “automatic” and “internet” in the activation method section.

4.3.2. If your computer doesn’t have internet access, you can manually activate the license key but this is a more involved process. Please contact our support team for instructions.




















4.4. Click “Activate License.” Once the license has been successfully activated, a “License activation complete” message should appear on the bottom left corner of this window.




















4.5. Close the “AssureID License Activator” window by clicking the red “x” button at the top right corner of this window.

4.6. Once we license has been activated, you can continue the PALIDIN installation.


5. Connect the scanner and start using PALIDIN

5.1. Now that all software programs have been installed and the AssureID license has been activated, it is time to connect your scanner and turn it ON.

5.1.1. Connect the USB cable to the scanner and the computer.

5.1.2. Plug in the power cord to the wall outlet then connect to the back of the scanner

5.1.3. Turn the scanner ON.

5.2. The “Driver Software Installation” will appear and will let you know that the computer is “installing driver software.” Once the “Ready to use” message appears, click “Close.”

5.2.1. ID150 Scanner Note: If your scanner serial# starts with a “4,” the device name can be different once it is installed in the computer. For Windows 10 and 11 the device will install as “AssureTec ID-1xx Document Reader.”

5.3. During the installation process, a desktop icon was created for the PALIDIN app. Double-click this icon to run the program.

5.3.1. You can also go to Start > All Programs > PALIDIN to run the program.

5.3.2. If you wish to pin the app to the taskbar, right-click the PALIDIN desktop icon then select “Pin to taskbar.”







                                                                           The system will add an icon to the taskbar (bottom section of the computer screen) so you can easily access the app.

5.4. Open the PALIDIN app by clicking the desktop icon or the icon in the taskbar. A message will appear letting you know that the system needs to run with “elevated privileges.” This is required only during the first time the system is opened (full-admin rights required).









5.4.1. Click “Ok,” a message will appear “Do you want to allow this app from an unknown publisher to make changes to your device?” Click “Yes.”

5.4.2. A register page will appear.













5.4.3. PALIDIN Enterprise customers will need to enter a PALIDIN Enterprise Subscription Key. If you do not have your PALIDIN Enterprise subscription key, please reach out to support@fraudfighter.com to retrieve your key. You can click "Cancel" if you would like to register the PALIDIN Enterprise Edition at a later time. Do not click "skip" as this will register the standard edition and PALIDIN will not display this prompt again.

5.4.4. PALIDIN Standard customers will need to click "Skip".

5.5. Once the PALIDIN app opens, the scanner is connected and turned ON, you should see a “Scanner Status: Online” message on the bottom right corner of the PALIDIN home screen. This means you are ready to start scanning documents.











5.6. PALIDIN Enterprise customers should see a PALIDIN Unit ID (bottom-right) with in the PALIDIN app. If PALIDIN Enterprise customers do not see the PALIDIN Unit ID, please reach out to support@fraudfighter.com








Note: We strongly recommend that you download the PALIDIN + ID150 System Manual (at the top of this webpage) and review the system settings and configurations. Some features are disabled by default that might be of interest to your operations. You can also watch the PALIDIN training videos posted in our customer support portal.

If you run into any problems with the installation or have any questions, please contact us by:

• Calling 800.883.8822
• Emailing support@fraudfighter.com