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Positive ID Pad

The Positive ID Pad is specially-formulated compound that allows for the inkless fingerprint captures
Positive ID Pad advantages over ink-based fingerprint pads:
  • Can produce 1500-2000 prints
  • The Positive ID Pad will never dry out
  • Prints do not smear because prints dry instantly
  • No ink residue is left on fingers


  • The Positive ID Pad's porous plastic surface gives ridge definition and print quality superior to most ink and inkless systems
  • Consistently clear prints on most paper stocks
  • Each Positive ID Pad can produce 1500-2000 prints
  • The "ink" in the Positive ID Pad will not dry out
  • Fingerprints taken with the Positive ID Pad dry instantly and will not smear on paper
  • Fingerprints taken with the Positive ID Pad leave no residue on fingers
  • Dimensions

    • Diameter: 2.25in (56mm)
    • Height: .437in (10mm)

positive id pad dimensions


• What types of documents should the Positive ID Pad be used for?

The concept behind the Positive ID pad is to capture a definitive identifying biometric signature from the person who is presenting/executing a document. The primary intended use of fingerprints in this application is when accepting/cashing a bank check. By capturing the check-casher’s fingerprint on the check, it is possible to provide law enforcement with evidence they can use to investigate if it turns out the check was fraudulent. The fingerprint can also be used to obtain a prosecution.

Checks are not the only documents that can benefit from this concept. Any transaction in which a person is attempting to claim or receive a benefit as the result of his identity can be better secured by obtaining a fingerprint. Examples of circumstances where a fingerprint on-file could be beneficial are:

• Store credit applications
• Opening new financial accounts (as defined in the Bank Secrecy Act
• Contract execution
• Releasing cargo or other goods

• How does the Positive ID Pad work?

The Positive ID Pad utilizes a cosmetics-grade skin moisturizer which is FDA approved. No inks or other staining compounds are used. The reaction between the skin and the compound creates a very clear, easy to see fingerprint on most types of paper. After the fingerprinting is done, the user simply rubs the remaining compound into their skin. No clean-up pads or tissues required.

• What environments can the Positive ID Pad be used in?

The Positive ID Pad is commonly used in banks, credit unions, check cashing centers, payday loan centers, liquor stores, grocery stores, pharmacies (for release of Class IV narcotics), and other businesses that commonly accept personal checks from customers. The pad is equipped with an adhesive, which allows it to be attached to a countertop where the customer can easily access it.

Warranty Info

The Positive ID Pad is warranted to be free from material and workmanship defects when the customer receives it. No other warranties are expressed or implied. We reserve the right to make changes in design, materials and specifications without prior notice.