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The PentaID is an automatic identity authentication device & is used to detect counterfeit:
  • State-issued Identification Documents (e.g. Driver Licenses, Identification Cards)
  • Federally-issued Identification Documents (e.g. Passports, Permanent Resident Identification Cards)
  • Foreign Government-Issued Documents (e.g. Canada driver licenses, Mexico driver licenses)

Quickly & easily detect counterfeit identification documents thanks to:
  • The ability to authenticate all ID-1, ID-2, and ID-3 documents
  • The PentaID's single-step reading process
  • A customizable software development kit (SDK) that enables data integration with RevealID™, the leading global ID document authentication software
  • A modular design that allows users customize applications: pick and choose from a menu of functionalities
  • WLAN connectivity & a Battery Pack that allows the PentaID to standalone, without any connecting wires
  • (Optional) 4.3" full color display and touch screen that can turn the PentaID device into a fully-functioning self-service terminal



  • Verification Methods

    • Microprinting
    • Infrared
    • Ultraviolet
    • RFID cross-check
    • Data cross-check from digital and OCR captured document data
    • Pattern Matching
    • And more...

  • Voltage


  • Current

    2.5 A Max

  • Dimensions

    • Width: 8.7" (220.98mm)
    • Height: 5.6" (143mm)
    • Depth: 4.6" (118mm)

  • Light Sources

    IR, Visible, UV-A (optional)

  • Resolution

    150-500 dpi

  • Battery

    Rechargable Lithium 10.8V/600mAH

  • Status Indicators

    Audible and Visible



• What types of documents can the PentaID Scanner authenticate?

The Penta Scanner is designed to authenticate Passports, Visas and any form of National ID Card, such as U.S. State driver licenses, military ID's, Mexican and Canadian Driver Licenses, and more:

• Machine-readble zone of OCR documents according to ISO/IEC 7501-1 and ICAO 9303 (e.g. ID cards, passports, visas)
• 1D/2D barcode documents printed on paper or presented on displays (e.g. smartphone)
• RFID documents according to ISO 14443 (A/B), ISO 7818 (including US passports), ICAO 9303 as well as full NFC support
• Magnetic Stripe documents according to ISO 7811/2-5 and IATA 1722c, 722e

• What environments can the Penta Scanner be used in?

Device designed for reliable daily use and rough environment that require that the identity of an individual can be authenticated. The PentaID Scanner is best suited for:

• Border Control & Immigration Services environments
• Sercurity
• Financial Services
• Access Control
• Passenger Services (e.g. airlines)

• How does the Penta Scanner work?

A combination hardware/software solution, the Penta utilizes high-resolution cameras and several different light sources (Infrared, ultraviolet and visible) the Penta scanner to capture high-resolution images of ID documents. At the same time, data is captured via Optical Character Recognition, from MRZ printed zones on the document, from 2D barcodes, digital watermarks and near-field (RFID) chips. The data and the images are used to conduct multiple physical cross checks of both data and document printing and design elements against the document authentication templates contained in the RevealID™ document authentication application. Results are displayed within the RevealID application.

Warranty Info

• The PentaID Scanner hardware comes with a one-year full service warranty. Additional years of warranty are available for purchase

• The purchase of a RevealID software license includes 12 months of software and document library updates to maintain the highest level of assurance for our customer. Annual renewals are available and may be purchased in-advanced.