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The hospitality industry consists of a broad category of fields within the service industry that includes hotels, casinos, restaurants, bars, theme parks, and movie theaters. Perhaps due to its culture where customer service is regarded more highly than internal controls, the hospitality industry invites numerous opportunities to exploit missing or flawed anti–fraud controls each year, losses to fraud (in the hundreds of billions) are the inevitable result.

To keep hard–earned revenues from flowing out through exploitation of inadequate hospitality fraud prevention controls, firms in the hospitality industry are obligated to gain a greater understanding about the fraud risks that can undermine their business objectives and implement control frameworks to reduce exposure to such risks as well to liability from non–compliance with regulatory requirements.

Those in the hospitality industry, independent of size, regularly lose profits to counterfeit transactions including currency, credit cards and either personal, cashier’s, gift or travelers checks. These operations are also frequently victimized by counterfeit identity.

Fraud Fighter™, a division of UVeritech, works closely with leaders in the hospitality industry to implement multi–layer hospitality fraud prevention solutions to combat fraud. Low cost and easy to use solutions are designed to verify all existing payment and identification types at each point of vulnerability within the operation.

Fraud Fighter designs and manufactures leading Ultraviolet solutions that quickly and efficiently perform identity confirmation by verifying the presence of the security features in more than 40 state driver licenses. The Ultraviolet features in the various state I.D. cards fluoresce clearly – appearing instantly, and easily allowing determination of whether the license is counterfeit.

The best news is – the same devices that are used to verify driver licenses can also be used to detect counterfeit money, fake credit cards, counterfeit traveler checks and a wide variety of other counterfeit documents including passports, travelers checks, and money orders.

Those businesses involved in “covered transactions” as defined by the Bank Secrecy Act, the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act and other legislation, must proactively establish an identity theft prevention protocol. For these purposes, Fraud Fighter™ offers a line of products targeted at aiding companies in their compliance with these regulatory obligations by enabling confirmation of the authenticity of identity documents and maintaining encrypted data associated with such ID verification procedures.

In addition to fraud prevention and financial transaction compliance issues, Fraud Fighter™ product solutions provide Human Resource departments with proven tools that contribute to reliable applicant screenings during the new hire process. For medium and enterprise operations that have high–level employee “churn” and are constantly involved in hiring new employees, Fraud Fighter™ empowers firms with rapid document authentication & identity validation solutions at optional levels of cost and accuracy.

Fraud Fighter’s advanced screening capabilities are critical in a broad applicant base hiring process, particularly as it relates to adhering to Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) employment eligibility verification requirements.

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