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We promise that nobody will do more to train you, safeguard your business, and help you prevent counterfeit fraud and identity theft.

Counterfeit Detector - Ultraviolet

Manufacturer of the Leading Brand of Counterfeit Detectors

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FraudFighter has been thwarting counterfeiters for over 20 years. We are the leading supplier of counterfeit detectors in the United States. Our selection of counterfeit detectors  allows you to choose the features, functionality and price that best meets your needs. 

Why did companies like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Macys, Taco Bell, Kroger and dozens of other Fortune 500 companies choose FraudFighter?

Because this is what we do. 20 years ago, we pioneered the use of counterfeit detectors at the point-of-sale. We design and manufacture our own products, which we constantly change and improve to meet real-world requirements. We build custom solutions to meet customer needs. And, if you need to reach us, we're always here to answer the phone when you call. 

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Counterfeit Detectors - UV

FraudFighter counterfeit detectors use ultraviolet light to provide a low-cost “frontline” defense against counterfeit fraud. 

Validate any of these documents:

  • Currency (US dollars, and most other world currencies)
  • Credit cards
  • Driver licenses
  • Traveler checks
  • Money orders
  • Many other important documents


FraudFighter UV detectors offer the best-in-class quality that you want for your business.

Advanced Counterfeit Detectors

Counterfeiters are getting better and better at what they do and, they are adopting new technologies.  To catch the most professionally-made counterfeit bills, you need the best available counterfeit detector technology—a machine that tests for multiple features and is able to “read” encoded information built into the bills themselves.

Counterfeit Detector - Advanced

FraudFighter features two “supernote” counterfeit detectors—the CT250 and CT600.  These machines are , capable of identifying even the most advanced fake money notes. Of course, they are able to detect and reject the “bleached” notes that have been circulating over recent years.


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Counterfeit Currency Detection Whitepaper


Read our whitepaper and learn about counterfeit fraud