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The PAL-ID1 is a specialized ID-document scanner used to capture images and data from driver-license-sized (ICAO ID-1) documents for use with the PALIDIN™ ID Document Authentication software:
  • More than 1,100 US state-issued Identification Documents (e.g. Driver Licenses & Identification Cards) 
  • Federally issued Identification Documents (e.g. Military IDs, Green Cards, TWIC cards, Congressional ID's, )
  • More than 180 countries' Government-issued Identification Documents (e.g. driver licenses & national ID cards)

Advantages and key features:
  • A simple one-step process: Insert a driver license into the front feeder and wait for the results to be displayed
  • Ability to integrate data via Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Checks multiple data and security points on identity documents in both visible and infrared (IR) light


  • Verification Types

    • ID Authentication
    • ID-1 Documents

  • Power Supply

    • 12V/1A (external supply

  • Host PC Requirements

    • CPU: Intel Only: Intel Core i5 (minimum 2 GHz)
    • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit or 11 Pro 64 bit
    • Ram: 8 GB 
    • Disk Space: 128 GB

  • Dimensions

    • Width: 4.60" (11.684 cm)
    • Height: 2.67" (6.781 cm)
    • Depth: 6.61" (16.789 cm)

  • Net Weight

    1.41 lbs (.64 kg)

  • Light Bands

    Visible, Infrared

  • Image Resolution


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• What types of documents can the PAL-ID1 authenticate?

The PAL-ID1 is designed for authenticating ID documents. It is designed to automatically identify and authenticate ID-1 documents, an international (ICAO) standard-sized ID document. In the U.S., ID-1 includes drivers’ licenses, state ID cards, military ID’s, Green cards and a variety of other similarly-sized government-issued ID cards that people use as proof of identity. Internationally, ID-1 will also include many National ID cards, voter registration cards, diplomatic cards, passport cards and other ID documents.

• What environments can the PAL-ID1 be used in?

The PAL-ID1 has a very small footprint so it is perfect for environments where space is limited. It is ideal for locations where the vast majority of customers will be presenting ID cards rather than passports or other non-ID-documents.

A Windows-based PC is required for standard installations. Custom installations allow the use of thin clients in the .NET framework with centralized processing of licenses and data at server-level.

We currently have a mobile ID Authentication solution, PALIDIN WebID. For more information, click here

• How does the PAL-ID1 work?

The PAL-ID1 is a hardware/software platform that captures high-resolution, full color images of the ID document using both natural and infrared sources. The device also “reads” information from barcode and digital watermarks.

After the PAL-ID1 captures the images and the data, the PALIDIN™ software application performs multiple security checks using a comprehensive database of ID documents. Multiple points on the document are checked to make certain that proper manufacturing technique was used, and that the document itself contains the proper design elements. The data captured from different locations on the document are cross-checked to make sure that information such as name, birth date, issue date, expiration date, etc. all match.

When the application is finished, it will display either a “pass” or “fail” grade.

Data and images captured from the ID document may be treated by the user. The PALIDIN™ Software Development Kit enables customization of the data management, including potential exporting of the data to third-party databases and core enterprise applications.

• What comes with the PAL-ID1 when I buy it?

• A power cord to connect your PAL-ID1 to an external power supply (Note: The PAL-ID1 does not need a power supply to work as long as its internal lithium battery is charged)
• A USB cord to connect your PAL-ID1 to a PC
•  Information about your PALIDIN™ software license key, and an owner's manual (PDF) that includes a quick set-up guide

Warranty Info

• The PAL-ID1 Hardware device comes with an included one-year full-service warranty which includes swap-box depot service. Additional years are also available for purchase.

• The purchase of a PALIDIN™ software license includes 12 months of software and document library updates to maintain the highest level of assurance for our customer. Annual renewals are available, and may be purchased in-advanced.