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    Message from Fraud Fighter CEO

    From the Desk of Arthur Michie

    Fraud has surpassed more than $221 billion in losses worldwide and it only keeps growing.

    Facing an onslaught of financial crime types such as counterfeit money, identification theft, return receipt fraud and fraudulent credit cards, U.S. merchants of all sizes face more than $110 Billion in losses each year, and Financial Institutions $11 Billion. In addition to increasingly sophisticated fraud attacks, companies are facing mounting regulatory pressures.

    Fighting financial crimes that undermine business objectives is vital now more than ever for every business regardless of the size, industry or government agency. Faced with falling revenues, the development of a broad ranging risk management program is an important step in managing this challenge.

    Establishing standards designed to prevent and detect criminal conduct begins with the important first step of indentifying known risks and existing controls. Having a company–specific antifraud program in place will not only help your organization to better mitigate the risks of fraud, but also help to enable appropriate compliance with regulatory mandates.

    Fraud Fighter™ is the preferred partner and leader in the fight against financial crimes. Combating financial crime is an ongoing process and for more than nine years, we have worked to prevent fraud by working alongside our partners in the banking and financial industries, retail, and hospitality and with government agencies to thwart these unnecessary and expensive crimes with innovative and inexpensive as well as user–friendly technologies that stop fraud.

    By leveraging your industry expertise and our fraud protection controls, your valuable assets will be guarded against fraud from end–to–end with a focus on the key objectives of prevention, detection, and compliance.

    Fraud Fighter™ technology ensures sustainable, multiple layers of fraud prevention across the full range of existing and future payment types. Fraud Fighter™ solutions are best–in–class and designed to help you achieve loss avoidance across all customer service channels while optimizing compliance for all business sizes.

    As we consider Thought Leadership, let us not only share ideas and information, but also work to create new technologies that fight these costly crimes. Let us continue to collaborate to eliminate issues with a reliable solutions approach so that together we can win the war against financial crime and promote a culture that encourages ethical conduct.

    To Your Success,

    Arthur Michie