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  • Counterfeit Money
  • Counterfeit Payment Cards (i.e., credit cards)
  • Fake/Stolen Identities (i.e., fake driver licenses)
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High-quality fake I.D.s capable of fooling the naked eye can be purchased online for as little as $50. And with the sheer amount of PII (personally identifable information) lost to data breaches, the amount of "real" information on these fake I.D.s is increasing at an alarming rate. So, exactly how do you tell the difference between a genuine I.D. and a fake I.D.?

Fraud is a $221 billion problem worldwide and state governments are not exempt. State governments operate significant point of transaction networks. These transactions cover a variety of different matters, each with its own level of exposure to fraud, and each with its own consequences when fraud occurs. With operations as diverse as Business, Education, Health and Welfare, Public Safety and Tourism & Recreations services – it is clear that state governments nationally must assign high–level importance to state fraud prevention.

When conducting business of the state, it is necessary to detect fake driver licenses and counterfeit cash and credit cards to prevent fraud including identity theft.

FraudFighter™, a division UVeritech, has made it possible for agencies to detect and increase state fraud prevention matters immediately. Innovative solutions offer state governments and agencies multi–layer programs that stop theft before it starts and ensure compliance to meet complex regulation requirements.

On a daily basis, state governments are involved in:

  • Simple purchase transactions
  • Secure Access Control
  • Issuance of ID Documents
  • Verification of U.S. and Foreign Identification Documents
  • Acceptance of payment
  • Law Enforcement Investigations

States also need proactive programs to combat DMV fraud

Because of these occurrences, state governments nationally rely on FraudFighter™ to combat fraud. FraudFighter™ is a vendor of choice to the U.S. government. Trusted for our experience and expertise in state fraud prevention, we have been fortunate to provide a variety of government agencies with our innovative product line of Ultraviolet verification tools. The FraudFighter™ UV equipment is ideal for those circumstances where the multitude of transaction locations and the relatively low–level of security required make UV a perfect fit. Where a higher–standard of ID verification must be met, the ICV line of products provides an ideal solution layer, not only due to its ability to authenticate identity with a high level of accuracy, but also because it can secure a digital copy of the documents being verified, encrypt and save them for later retrieval.

FraudFighter™ designs and manufactures state–of–the–art technologies that eliminate the incidences of theft under false documentation instantly and cost less than $100. There is no training required and the technology is easy to use. FraudFighter™ tools close the gap in any state fraud prevention framework with a comprehensive portfolio of channel–specific detection solutions that minimize risk and optimize state fraud prevention programs and compliance initiatives.