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  • Counterfeit Money
  • Counterfeit Payment Cards (i.e., credit cards)
  • Fake/Stolen Identities (i.e., fake driver licenses)

FraudFighter solutions are in-use by numerous county and local government operations. Jails, utility companies, courthouses, police departments, tax offices and county clerks are just a few examples of the numerous diverse fraud detection requirements at the local  government level. 

County & Local governments conduct diverse transactions with the public. These transactions cover a wide number of different matters. With operations as varied as Temporary Financial Assistance, Library Services, Child Welfare Services, Loan Centers for Disasters Victims, animal shelters, public safety - such as police, sheriff and fire services –  jails, public records offices, courts and correctional facilities, it is clear that county and local governments must assign high-level importance to fraud prevention and identity verification in order to meet complex compliance regulations.

On a daily basis, county/city governments are involved in:

  • Simple purchase transactions
  • Secure Access Control
  • Issuance of ID Documents
  • Verification of U.S. and Foreign Identification Documents
  • Acceptance of payment
  • Law Enforcement Investigations

The ability to detect fake driver licenses & counterfeit cash and credit cards is vital in conducting the business of the agencies engaging in daily transactions.

FraudFighter™, a division of UVeritech, designs and manufactures state-of-the-art technologies that instantly eliminate the incidences of theft under false documentation. Many of the FraudFighter™ solutions can cost less than $100. These innovative tools require little training and afford immediate results. FraudFighter™ tools reinforce protection controls, minimize risk and optimize compliance so that each county and/or city agency can implement municipality fraud prevention programs with minimal capital outlay and a high ROI.

FraudFighter™ is the UV product vendor to the U.S. government authorized to provide a variety of government agencies with our innovative line of ultraviolet verification tools. The FraudFighter™ UV equipment layer is ideal for those circumstances where the multitude of transaction locations and the relatively low-level of security required make UV a perfect fit. Where a higher standard of ID verification must be met, PALIDIN provides an ideal solution layer. PALIDIN authenticates ID documents (over 3,800 global ID documents) instantly with a high level of accuracy. PALIDIN can also capture secure a digital copies of the documents verified, encrypt them and  save them for later retrieval.