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  • Counterfeit Money
  • Counterfeit Payment Cards (i.e., credit cards)
  • Fake/Stolen Identities (i.e., fake driver licenses)
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"At Disneyland, reports of counterfeit money are more common than incidents of grand theft or credit card fraud.  The problem with bogus money at Disneyland is among several findings that came from a Los Angeles Times analysis of more than 3,700 police reports for four Southern California theme parks from 2014 through the first six months of 2016."

"Theme park crime: Counterfeiters prefer Disneyland; shoplifters like Universal Studios Hollywood" (2017, Jan. 9)

Theme park owners face a wide variety of payment fraud threats within their unique business structure. Parks may be vulnerable to counterfeit fraud at the ticket windows, gift shops, restaurants and other concessionaire locations. In fact, some theme parks operate several hundreds of payment processing locations in one center. Many parks also operate concessions selling alcoholic beverages, and thus, the need to comply with regulations requiring age verification is critical.

Fraud is a $221 billion problem annually and theme parks are not exempt, often being hit with multiple cases of fraud, which affect their bottom line. Theme parks, independent of size, regularly lose a portion of profits to fraud. They can experience counterfeit transactions, such as fake currency, phony credit cards and counterfeit checks (personal, cashier’s, gift or travelers) and false identity. These fraudulent events can add up to dangerous levels of financial loss each year.

FraudFighter provides a control framework to prevent fraud from occurring in the first place with low cost, easy to use solutions; and without adverse impact to the customer experience. FraudFighter's innovative products and range of Ultraviolet solutions enable employees of theme park operations to quickly and accurately validate identification and payment types by viewing the “hidden” UV security features present in driver licenses and credit cards – as well as a host of other important documents, including currency, passports and traveler checks.

The Added Value of Fraud Prevention: Enhanced HR Protocols and Compliance

In addition to fraud prevention and financial transaction compliance issues, FraudFighter product solutions provide Human Resource departments with proven tools that contribute to reliable applicant screenings during the new hire process. For medium and enterprise operations that have high–level employee “churn” and are constantly involved in hiring new employees, FraudFighter empowers firms with rapid document authentication & identity validation solutions at optional levels of cost and accuracy.

See just how easily and quickly our identity authentication solutions can help you stop fraud.

FraudFighter’s advanced screening capabilities are critical in a broad applicant base hiring process, particularly as it relates to adhering to Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) employment eligibility verification requirements.