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Recent incidences involving the hiring of underage performers in the Gentlemen’s Nightclubs has led to serious public relations issues for the industry.  One high-profile event resulted in investigations which led to prosecutions for “human trafficking”, an abhorrent practice that more 99% of club operators never would and never have been involved with. However, these events have cast a shadow across the industry.

In a proactive move designed to take positive steps to ensure that underage performers do not get hired by the industry, the Association of Club Executives has reached an agreement with FraudFighter to provide Identity Document Authentication equipment to the industry at reduced prices. 

Our industry-leading product, the ID-150, is designed to authenticate driver licenses and state ID cards with extremely high-confidence.  Age can be verified using the equipment, and an encrypted, FTC-compliant record of the authentication can be kept to provide evidence that the Identity Document was authenticated, should it be necessary.

These two videos provide a brief overview of how the ID-150 works:



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