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    Age Verification

    Stop underage sales!

    Businesses responsible for handling the sale of age–restricted products are required to verify identification prior to every transaction. Convenience stores, liquor stores, grocery stores, state–run bottle shops, smoke shops, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, casinos, and sports stadiums must comply with local, state and federal laws restricting the sale of alcohol and tobacco.

    Why risk losing your license or paying stiff fines when you can accurately validate ID documents at the Point–of–Sale to prevent underage sales?

    Businesses that recognize the risks associated with non–compliance look for cost effective ways to help reduce their exposure to fines, litigations, and potential loss of licenses. This effort begins by ensuring that at every site, point–of–sale employees are able to verify the age of the individuals looking to purchase such products. Failure to validate identity may lead to underage sales of alcohol or tobacco and lead to expensive fines that can amount to tens of thousands of dollars.

    However, the stakes are much higher – businesses also risk suspension and/or the loss of liquor licenses.

    Fraud Fighter™, a division of UVeritech, offers a diverse line of products that are easy to use, require little to no training and can aid in the effective validation of ID documents. Fraud Fighter™ protection controls stop fraud immediately with easy to use, state–of–the–art solutions for under $100.




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