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    Compliance To The Bank Secrecy Act

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    Prevent Identity Theft With Identity Authentication

    Protect Your Business and Customers –Verify ID’s!

    Identity theft affects as many as ten million Americans annually as their identities are stolen and thieves subsequently drain their accounts, damage their credit, and even endanger their sensitive information such as medical records. In many cases, by the time the theft has been discovered, it’s too late to fully repair the damages. The cost to businesses – left with unpaid bills racked up by scam artists – can be staggering.

    Identity fraud provides criminals and terrorists with the tools they need to remain anonymous, gain access, avoid detection, and transfer resources, all of which are used to exploit weaknesses in the Identification Verification Framework of businesses to facilitate criminal and terrorist activities.

    Businesses that lack detailed knowledge of their existing and prospective customers face dangerous exposure to risks, including regulatory fines, a tarnished corporate image and increased losses associated with fraud, all of which can erode trust in the marketplace and impact the bottom line.

    This makes the overall efficiency and effectiveness of a company‘s regulatory compliance programs and identity risk management more important than ever.

    Fraud Fighter™, a division of UVeritech, works together with businesses of all sizes to provide solutions that protect their business and customers. Modeled on the same platform taken to secure IT networks from intrusion, Fraud Fighter can help you seamlessly deploy a prudent set of fraud prevention layers that organizations have found to be effective in preventing fraud across multiple points of vulnerability identified during our fraud identity review.

    Types of Identity Theft


    Validation, Verification and Authentication can be achieved through different tools working together in a control framework. Additionally, an appropriate solution addresses opportunities to produce the dual impact when implemented in areas where compliance drivers such as the Customer Identification program (CIP) or “Red Flag” rules may require them.

    Implementing successive fraud prevention layers, suited to your specific business, will enable your organization to:

    • Take steps toward USA PATRIOT Act, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and related regulations compliance
    • Prevent crimes such as terrorism and money laundering
    • Avoid government–imposed penalties
    • Reduce operating costs
    • Protect your company's reputation and mitigate risk



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