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    Counterfeit Money

    Immediately Detect and Deter Counterfeit Money

    The crime of counterfeiting money is as old as money itself. For as long as people have been tendering marks, coins and negotiable instruments, there have been others attempting to create fraudulent versions of them.

    In the U.S., the Secret Service is the agency charged with securing currency and combating counterfeit crime. They report that approximately $150 Million of counterfeit money was circulated in the U.S. in 2009. This number has been steadily rising, with another report showing that counterfeit money activity in the U.S. increased by 69% from 2003 through 2006 and this figure also continues to rise.

    Reasons for the extreme growth in the volume of counterfeit money are simple. In years past, production of quality counterfeit money required the skills of a journeyman artist to engrave plates and manage the inherent challenges of offset printing. Today, graphics software and high quality, low cost color printers mean an amateur can produce passable counterfeit notes easily through unprotected transaction points that are not equipped with detection capabilities.


    Fraud Fighter™, a division of UVeritech, can help by implementing a low cost simple solution with leading, proprietary fraud prevention products that require little to no training and that can immediately detect counterfeit money. Fraud Fighter™ fraud prevention solutions help you control risks associated to counterfeit money while empowering your compliance initiatives.

    Detect counterfeit money quickly and immediately stop fraud before it starts!

    Counterfeit Currency

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    Fraud Fighter Products™ are at the forefront of counterfeitcounterfeit detection detection and prevention.  Our line of counterfeit detectors is designed to provide our customers with a full selection of products so that you can choose the features, functionality and – of course – the price that best meets your needs. 

    UV- Ultraviolet counterfeit detectors provide:

    • Frontline defense against counterfeit fraud

    • Currency validation for US dollars, and most other world currencies

    • Protection against fraudelant credit cards and driver licenses

    • Validation of traveler checks, money orders and other important documents

    automatic currency detetion

    Fraud Fighter UV detectors offer the best-in-class quality that you want for your business.



    UV-16 Learn Why

    Coco's Restaurant chain prevents counterfeit bills and checks.