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ID Age Verifier ( MagStrip or Barcode)

  •  Easy to use, automatically calculates age and displays expiration date

  • Stores the most recent 4000 age verification records in onboard memory 

  • Optional software for creating reports

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What types of documents can the ID Scanner Authenticate?
This simple–to–use scanning device may be used to read U.S. and Canadian driver licenses. The ID Verifiers are designed for age verification, ID checking, and state compliance for the sale of alcohol, tobacco and other age–restricted products.

How does the ID Scanner work?
The Fraud Fighter™ Age Verifier reads the information stored on driver licenses and state ID cards, calculates the owner’s age, and displays the information on a clear and easy–to–read LCD screen.

The unique design allows the customer to purchase a simple magnetic–strip reader, with the option of adding a bar–code reader and other accessories to enhance the functionality and effectiveness of the unit at anytime.

Data recorded by the ID scanner may be downloaded and stored to a PC–based database to enable business managers to create marketing lists of their patrons

What environments can the ID Scanner be used in?
The Fraud Fighter™ Age Verifier ID scanner may be mounted to a counter-top, or made portable for use by servers in a bar/nightclub environment.

Ideal for:
•Convenience Stores
•Bars & Nightclubs
•Airport/Homeland Security
•Banks/Check Cashing
•Any Security & I.D. Checking Environment
•Law Enforcement



Portable or fixed mount operation

Memory: Holds up to 4,000 records in memory
Display: New Patent Pending LED/LCD display and large bright screen
Software: USB to PC database software


ID Age Verifier demo video