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FraudFighter Verification Guide

Please use headers and dropdowns below to access complete content for verification of items to be reviewed.

This FraudFighter fraud prevention UV reference is intended to guide end-users about how to use UV FraudFighter products to help verify payment and identity documents. Our UV products will enable “invisible security features” to become visible by glowing. The test is intended to be quick and easy.

The website images can be used as a guideline or sample of what the invisible security feature could look like. Note that it is not necessary to take the time to try to make an EXACT match.


  1. Take notice of the special or unique security feature provided on this site
  2. Turn on light and shine light on document
  3. Attempt to locate a similar glowing feature on the document you are reviewing
  4. If a glowing image is present, consider it as verified and valid