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Don't let fraudulent credit cards hurt your business

Counterfeit detectors give you the power to stop fraud before transactions occur without upgrading point-of-sales terminals

Counterfeit detectors are machines that allow you to distinguish between real and fake/counterfeit credit cards.

Credit cards have invisible security features that can be made visible using ultaviolet light. Our counterfeit detectors provide just the right amount of ultraviolet light to view these security features in virtually any environment.

If your business can neither afford to upgrade your entire point-of-sales system nor absorb losses to fraud thanks to the fraud liability shift, you should add counterfeit detectors as a line of defense.

For a fraction of the cost of upgrading payment terminals, you can give your business immunity from the financial effects of fraudulent transactions from credit cards by using counterfeit detectors. Simply place any credit card in question under the ultraviolet light provided by the counterfeit detector to determine whether or not the credit card is real.

In addition to being able to authenticate credit cards, our counterfeit detectors can also authenticate identity documents, such as driver license - providing you with an even stronger line of defense against fraud.

Below, you'll find our line of counterfeit detector products that are designed to protect your business from credit card fraud. If you'd like more information and pricing for any of our counterfeit detectors, please fill out the form to the right and our fraud prevention team will get in touch with you ASAP!



  • Uses 2 patented, high-efficiency UV bulbs for maxiumum luminosity
  • A shaded "viewing box" means counterfeits can be detected even in brightly-lit environments
  • 5-year warranty


  • Uses a patented, high-efficiency UV bulb that is 30% than standard UV bulbs
  • Mountable: Save precious counterspace at POS terminals

Pro Penlight

  • Portable, Shock-resistant, Water-Resistant (Up to 25 ft.)
  • Uses standard AAA batteries: No special batteries or charging equipment required


  • Portable & Lightweight: Designed to fit in your hand
  • Uses standard AA batteries: No special batteries or charging equipment required


  • Low Cost thanks to a patented, high-efficiency UV bulb
  • Space-efficient due to a low-profile design

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