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How Fraud Fighter™ Products Can Authenticate the New $100 Bill

New $100 Bill

With the release of the new $100 bill in October, many people will be wondering how they can use their Fraud Fighter™ counterfeit detection equipment to verify the newly-designed note.

Fortunately, the answer is not that difficult. Mostly, it depends upon which type of equipment you are using.

Generally speaking, we can divide our counterfeit currency detection products into two categories:

  • ultra-violet scanners
  • automatic/electronic scanners

Automated Currency Detectors

If you are using one of the Fraud Fighter™ Automatic Currency Authentication Devices (CT550 or CT2000), the news is good, but it will require some effort on the part of the user. 

Because these devices are "software driven", it means that when a new currency note is released, we have to program the new bill into the software so that the devices are able to recognize the new design. 

For the CT550 this software is now ready and available for download. 

For the CT2000, the engineers are working furiously to complete the updating of the software. We hope to have more informaiton by Nov 15th. 

Updating your CT550 or CT2000 will require a PC computer, and the USB cable supplied with your scanner at the time of purchase. 

Fraud Fighter™ Ultra-Violet (UV) Scanners

If you  use (or, are considering using) the Fraud Fighter™ line of UV scanners (UV-16, POS15, UV Authentication Pen, UV-4, HH-4) then this is the best thing you could hope for. The new $100 bill has the EXACT SAME UV FEATURE as the previous $100 bill - only better.  You will not even need to change the currency reference strip featured on every one of our UV units, because the new $100 has the same colored UV fluorescent strip, in the exact same location as the current $100 bill design.

FraudFighter UV Reference Strip


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