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CounterCache Intelligent (CCi)

The CounterCache is a cash validation+storage solution & is used to:
  • Protect and secure cash from the time of transaction to the time of deposit at the bank
  • Prevent the acceptance of counterfeit cash
  • Record data on cash transactions

Quickly & easily validate + safely store cash thanks to:
  • The ease-of-use: Validate + secure cash with just 'one touch'
  • Counterfeit money detection at the point of sale, deterring counterfeiters
  • Remote visibility: View cash collection data from remote locations


  • Dimensions

    • Width: 5"
    • Height: 10"
    • Depth: 9"

  • Weight

    8 lbs



• What are the advantages to having a cash-drop at the point-of-sale?

Saves time: No need to transfer cash to remote safe or do tedious paperwork accounting for the cash at the end of shifts
Safety: Cash drawers do not contain large amounts of cash, discouraging criminals
Reduce employee theft: Electronic time-stamp of exact amount of cash deposited prevents employee cash theft
Immediate & Accurate cash counts: Conduct real-time audits of cash

• Why should I use the CounterCache™?

The CounterCache Intelligent (CCi) is a unique currency validation and cash storage device that helps protect and secure cash at all stages of its journey from the moment your organization receives it from your customer until it is deposited at the bank.

Unlike any other cash management product available on the market today, the CCi moves the currency validation, data recording and secure cash storage to the front line – the interaction between the customer and cashier.

Cash is secured within a Tru-Pouch™ inside the CounterCache. The Tru-Pounch™ is used to securely deposit cash: simply had the Tru-Pouch™ to armored transport along with the printed report.

The CounterCache Intelligent allows cash to be processed more quickly, less expensively, and more securely.

• Are there any additional features on the CountEasy™?

• Digital time-stamp and cash amount for every transaction
• Able to validate & count cash from transactions immediately
• Portable Tru-Pouch™ that allows for the secure deposit of cash
• Remotely view cash data via computer or mobile device
• Keeps track of all cash data for audit trails
• 40-point security feature check: Magnetic strip, ultra-violet, infra-red, etc.
• Detecting counterfeit cash at the point of sale discourages criminals

Warranty Info

The CounterCash Intelligent (CCi) is guaranteed to be free from defects in software, material and workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase.

This warranty does not apply to damage or defects due to the result of misuse*, accident or incorrect installation, external interference with cables, network failures or software enhancements.

*Misuse is defined as the product not being used in the manner it was designed for or being used in a manner contrary to the operating instructions whether deliberate or otherwise



Dallas Keys

  •   Uniquely coded for quick and secure logins
software thumbnail

CashView Software

  •   Allows for control, adminstration, and monitoring of all CCi units from a computer


  •   Holds up to 480 notes
  •   Sealed within CounterCache units