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About MobilVerify

MobilVerify is a mobile application that reduces the amount of fraudulent transactions by integrating identity document authentication into the payment process. It is a solution for businesses seeking new ways to leverage mobile and cloud technology to verify that customers are who they claim to be with a high degree of confidence.

To authenticate any license with MobilVerify, all you need to do is:

  1. Scan the barcode located on the back of driver’s licenses
  2. Scan the front of the driver’s license
  3. Check the results to see whether or not the driver’s license’s data has been authenticated

MobilVerify is stores all scanned driver’s license information as digital records on your choice of a public or private cloud and is designed to allow the data to be:

  • Searched
  • Processed
  • Compared
  • Shared

All stored digital records on MobilVerify is secure and complies with BSA Red Flag, AML, KYC, and other regulatory requirements. You can learn more about the security behind MobilVerify’s digital storage framework here.

In addition to identity authentication, MobilVerify can also:

MobilVerify is supported by the MorphoTrust platform, which brings the power of more than four decades of pioneering technology and leadership into document authentication and data verification – providing an answer for customers seeking new ways to leverage cloud and mobile technology to verify that individuals are who they claim to be with a high degree of confidence.


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