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Need to update your ID-150 software?

Fill out the form below to request access to the software update.

Current software version: V4.4.4260

Please be sure to enter your license key so that we can verify that your software license is current before providing you with access. Please note that, due to changes in this new release of the AssureID software, you do NOT want to install the new update unless your maintenance subscription for the AssureID software is up to date. If you do install the V4.4.4260 software and your license is not current, then you will not be able to register the software, and will be forced to go through a troublesome process to uninstall the new version and reinstall the old version. 

Here is how to find your license key:
1) Find the AssureID icon in your system tray
2) Right click on the AssureID icon
3) Click on "AssureID Settings..."
4) Click on the "License" tab
5) Your license key should be listed after "License key:"

We will send you an email with your update access + instructions within one business day so be sure to check your email!

Did you not receive your access credentials? Has your software license expired and you'd like to renew it? Do you have questions about the software update? Call us at (800) 883-8822 or email us at support@fraudfighter.com.

ID-150 Software Update Request