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    Talk to Fraud Fighter About Intelligent Cash Handling Tools

    FraudFighter™ Intelligent Cash Handling Solutions Save Time and Money

    Store operators, regardless of industry, are constantly pressured to achieve greater efficiency incash handling accounting for the store's cash. Cash handling in retail stores, quick service restaurants, or even bank branch locations can cause both tremendous inefficiencies as well as exposure to theft and fraud. 

    Consider the following situations:

    1. Counting the cash register at the end of a shift
    2. Dropping large bills into the safe
    3. Conducting live audits of cash currently in the cash registers
    4. Entrusting frontline employees with counterfeit currency detection

    Each of these circumstances creates wasteful, inefficient workflows that are rife with exposure to potential fraud, mishandling of money, or employee theft.

    FraudFighter™ offers solutions to streamline cash register counts, or to eliminate them entirely.  The CountEasy™ money scale has been proven to reduce register counts by up to ­­­10 minutes per register, per shift.

    The CounterCache Intelligent (CCi) is a very unique cash-management solution.   The small unit mounts underneath the counter and allows cashiers or tellers to drop cash as they need to.  As the cash is dropped, the CCi counts the currency, and stores it in a tamper-evident currency pouch.  The CCi can give managers on-demand up-to-date cash counts of each register, wirelessly.

    FraudFighter’s intelligent cash handling products are often part of a multi-layered fraud prevention solution that enables your tellers and cashiers to validate currency and other payments during the transaction. Achieving greater efficiency, floor-level employees are also empowered to no longer need to obtain management approval for questionable items or when receiving high denomination payments.

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