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    Fraud Prevention 

    Fraud Prevention for any transactional enviroment 

    FraudFighter fraud prevention solutions are designed to protect businesses from a wide range of fake or forged document  crimes. Whether it is counterfeit money, identity theft, age verification,  fraudulent coupons, return receipt fraud, payment fraud or lost or stolen credit cards, FraudFighter offers fraud prevention tools to help safeguard your business against some of the most troublesome areas of fraud.

    Best Practices in Fraud Prevention:
    Depending on the transactional environment of the business, the best fraud prevention solutions and strategies may vary. Through many years of experience in providing fraud prevention solutions to Fortune 100 clients such as Bank of America, JP Morgan-Chase, Sears, Macys, Yum! Brands, Kroger and many others, FraudFighter has found that there are three general best practices in fraud prevention that every business should take in order to prevent losses resulting from fraud.

    Fraud Prevention Steps:
    1. Identify Your Vulnerabilities
    2. Design a Solution
    3. Implement the Solution and Train Employees

    Want to learn more about Fraud Prevention?
    Download our Best Practices in Fraud Prevention Whitepaper here.

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    Best–Practice Fraud Prevention Solutions
    Fraud Fighter™ best–practice solutions strive to realize the concept of ‘fraud prevention’ which begins with a complete and consolidated view of fraud risks as well as the regulatory framework facing each enterprise.  Our experienced team of fraud prevention consultants, can recommend a well–suited, prudent risk mitigation plan for each client designed to protect their business and its valued customers across its business lines. 

    With fraudulent attacks on the rise and mounting regulatory pressures, institutions of all sizes continue to rely on Fraud Fighter’s™ multi–layered solutions, services and world–class technologies that work in concert to help them excel in the detection and prevention of counterfeit document crime by focusing efforts to:

    •Control risk end–to–end with prevention, detection, and compliance
    •Prevent Negotiable Instrument Fraud from existing and future payment types
    •Fight ID-related fraud while complying with federal regulations regarding ID verification and maintenance of customer identity records
    •Optimize compliance to reduce regulatory pressures and falling revenues
    •Maximize Return on Investment from leading cost–of–ownership model that delivers a measurable reduction in annual losses from fraud
    •Improve operational efficiency through enhanced detection capabilities and streamlined workflow



    Coco's Restaurant chain prevents counterfeit bills and checks.