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about fraud fighter

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    About Fraud–Fighter™

    Your Only Source for Optimized Fraud Prevention and Compliance Management Solutions

    Merchants from every key US sector including finance, retail, hospitality, and government continue to be at risk as fraud related crime numbers soar to a staggering $221 billion in annual losses. Each job site has unique security needs with both real and perceived risks. Achieving the correct level of protection against fraud–based threats is highly dependent on the nature of the protected assets and the threat against which they require protection.

    Serving small and medium as well as corporate enterprises, Fraud Fighter™, a division of UVeritech is the leading provider of comprehensive fraud prevention solutions that are quality driven and cost effective. Fraud Fighter solutions are designed to enhance and optimize fraud risk management operations for businesses of all sizes by delivering best in class fraud prevention products that deliver site or channel specific, layered protection that optimizes deterrence, detection, and compliance.

    Our Mission

    As the leader of counterfeit detection and a pioneer in the development and manufacturing of fraud prevention solutions, Fraud Fighter’s core mission is to continue to provide innovative, state of the art products, best in class service, expertise and support at an affordable price. In 2010, our company launched its new line ofIdentity Image Capture and Authentication products. As an OEM partner, we can create technology that specifically addresses and impacts the fraud related and compliance issues in your industry.

    Our Experience

    Founded in 2000, the company has achieved industry wide acceptance of Fraud Fighter™ products. Our principals and affiliates have been involved with loss prevention, law enforcement, security and counterfeit detection issues since 1962. This leveraged knowledge base of professionals contributes to making Fraud Fighter the preferred industry partner and a leader of innovation in the area of fraud prevention and compliance management.

    Commitment to Innovation

    Designed to prevent fraud before it can occur, our innovative products empower businesses of all sizes and payment processing environments that accepts cash or credit cards for payment or requires proof of identity as the basis upon which to conduct a transaction, with affordable solutions that are easy to implement and use to prevent loss from counterfeit fraud and theft.

    Pioneering Technology

    We are the only company in the United States with such a strong focuses specifically on the ultraviolet equipment market for the fraud prevention industry. Our line of high–quality ultraviolet scanners is designed for the detection of counterfeit cash, credit cards, money orders, traveler's checks, passports, and other valuable documents.

    Quality & Ease of Use

    Fraud Fighter™ products are nonintrusive and require little or no training, do not slow the sales process at the cash register and do not affect the customer experience. In addition, all of our products are developed with real world applications in mind. Features such as brighter bulbs, durability,currency verification template and ongoing design enhancements ensure that the Fraud Fighter brand remains consistent with the highest levels of quality and functionality.

    Fraud Fighter solutions have been shown to prevent fraud across the organization while significantly improving operational efficiency through enhanced detection capabilities, fewer false positives, reduced revenue losses and streamlined workflow.



    Return on Customer Investment

    Due to ever increasing budget constraints, the need for solutions that can be financially justified by return–on–investment are a must. Case study by case study, industry by industry, Fraud Fighter’s customers – a virtual “Who’s Who” of American financial and retail corporations – have proven that Fraud Fighter™ products and industry leading cost–of–ownership model provide incredible financial returns.

    Manufacturing, Research and Development

    Our extensive experience dealing with large national and global clients has enabled us to perform the research necessary to gain a greater understanding of fraud risks that undermine their business; with these insights, we development high–quality, reliable equipment for our customers at an affordable price. Fraud Fighter manufactures its own products and has been constantly involved in the process of ongoing product improvement by partnering with industry professionals to address key issues plaguing their individual industries.

    Fraud Fighter™ Products

    Our portfolio of products include the Panagio UV law enforcement authentication pen developed in 2000, the UV–8 and POS–15, both introduced in 2001, the UV-6 ID Verifier developed in 2003, the CT–1000 and FF–1000 in 2004, and the updated UV Authentication Pen in 2009. More recently, we developed the “Dual Light Sensor” feature added to the UV–16. This unique new technology monitors the ultraviolet effectiveness of the light bulbs and notifies the customer when to purchase new bulbs BEFORE they become ineffective.

    With the acquisition of Panoptic Ltd in 2004 and the subsequent founding of ipd – Innovative Product Development (seewww.ipdproducts.com), Fraud Fighter now has the capability to develop new products not only for the loss prevention field but also to provide brand protection solutions for other companies whose products may be counterfeited – and as a result suffer major losses.

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