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Fraud Prevention

4-to-1 Return On Investment
Recover Stolen Products and Convict ORC gang members

Organized Retail Crime Fraud Prevention Case Study

Approached by one of the largest retail chains in the country, we were asked if we could develop a solution to aid them in tracking and understanding their Organized Retail Crime inventory shrinkage issue. What entailed was the development of a new, niche-market solution to aid retailers in their battle against this ever-increasing issue.

The AsseTAG™ is a system of marking products with specific, location level identifiers so that loss prevention and law enforcement can identify where goods have been stolen from, and at what point during the supply chain process.

AsseTAG is:

  • Simple
  • Low Cost
  • Customizable
  • Can be invisible (Covert) or visible (Overt)

Read the use-case study in which we describe how this was developed and what the product is about.