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AssureID Software: Old Computer → New Computer

* PLEASE NOTE: If you will be using a new license key to perform updates to the AssureID software, click here. You will need to proceed as if installing the AssureID software for the first time if you have a new license key. *


1) In order to activate your license on a new computer, you need to deactivate your license on your original computer first - unless it is already expired. (Don't know how to check if your license is expired? Click here.)

If your license is expired, please contact us to purchase a new license key and then follow the instructions on this page.

You can deactive your license through the AssureID License Activator tool. To open the AssureID License Activator, click Start → All Programs → AssureID → Tools → AssureID License Activator. After the AssureID License Activator window appears, click the "Deactivate License" button.

2) Click "Yes" when the "Are you sure you wish to deactive this license?" message appears.

3) A "License deactivation complete" message should appear at the bottom left of the AssureID License Activator window.

You will now need to install the software & activate the license on your new computer.

To install the software & activate the license, click here.

To check whether or not your license is current (i.e., not expired), open the "AssureID License Activator" tool by clicking Start → All Programs → AssureID → Tools → AssureID License Activator.

You should see a message similar to the one above - "Your AssureID sofrware has been activated" - if your license is valid.

If you run into any problems with license deactivation/activation or have any questions, please contact us by:

• Calling 800.883.8822
•Emailing support@fraudfighter.com

Monday - Friday