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* WARNING: Do NOT connect your scanner device (ID-150, Penta, CR5400, AT-9000, etc.) to your computer until the driver, software, and document library are all installed *

Software License Activation Instructions

*Although you entered the software license key while installing the software, you still need to "activate" the license.*

1) After you click "Finish" in the last step above, an "AssureID license activation required" bubble should appear in your system tray. Clicking this bubble will open the "AssureID License Activator". If you were not able to click the bubble before it disappears, don’t worry – there are two other ways you can access the "AssureID License Activator":

a. Right-click the "AssureID" icon in the system tray. Click "Activate License".

b. Click Start → All Programs → AssureID → Tools → AssureID License Activation

Open the "AssureID License Activator" using any of these three methods.

2) When the "AssureID License Activator" window appears, input your 26-character license key. Select "Automatic" → "Internet" as the "Activation Method".

If the computer you are using does not have an Internet connection, please contact us so we can help you activate your license.

3) Click "Activate License". Once the license has been successfully activated, a "License activation complete" message should appear at the bottom of the window.

4) Click the red "X" at the top right to close the AssureID License Activator.

Congratulations! The license has been activated! Click here to install the Document Library.

If you run into any problems with the installation or have any questions, please contact us by:

• Calling 800.883.8822
•Emailing support@fraudfighter.com

Monday - Friday